Brooke Ivey
EVP, Business Development
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Brooke started as a sales agent on the phone at Bloom and has successfully worked her way up to become the leader of our business development team—both for technology and our contact center. She is a skilled diplomatic liaison between clients, vendors, and staff at Bloom. Brooke’s understanding of compliance and sales make her an incredibly valuable asset to both Bloom and our clients.

Since 2007, Brooke has led the Bloom sales team to the successful submission of over 70,000 Medicare Advantage, Medicare supplement, Final Expense life, and dental insurance applications. She also oversees DentalInsuranceStore.com and has been instrumental in leading Bloom’s new field sales compliance and management products, Ascend, and other business development opportunities.

Quite frankly, Brooke is Bloom’s biggest cheerleader because she has seen it grow and change from every angle imaginable. The highlight of her job is reaching out to people and telling them Bloom’s unique story and how we can keep them compliant and make their lives easier.

Brooke is also an exceptional manager who specializes in bringing people and groups together to achieve collective success. Which is exactly why she’s been such an instrumental leader for Stages Bloomington—a children’s theater company of which she is a teacher and the president.