Derek Foreman
Chief Technology Officer
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Derek is a problem solver and the driving force behind Bloom. His goal is to solve client’s problems and improve their business with efficiencies through innovation. From IT solutions to providing client’s real time information and results, he gets everybody on the same page through unique and problem specific solutions. He also creates custom demonstrations, proof of concepts for customers and sales support tools for accounts. Put simply, he makes technology work harder, smarter and more effectively for clients.

Derek is an assertive manager with outstanding interpersonal, communications and negotiation skills. Day-to-day he oversees nearly every aspect of Bloom. He also manages vendor and client relationships, develops process, implements strategies and develops our contact center’s technology plans. He knows the financial difficulties sanctions can cause clients. This is why he was instrumental in the development of Ascend. Ascend insures our client’s field agents are compliant and productive.

Derek has taken every drop of knowledge and experience from his previous life at Amcat Ltd., Manchester where he designed and implemented CRM and intranet for EMEA Region identified ROI for contact center technology and poured it into Bloom. While at Amcat Ltd., he was also responsible for setting up the largest contact centers in Germany and England.