Sherman Rogers
Chief Executive Officer
Sherman caught the “marketing bug” while co-producing a PBS series on the 1984 presidential election. You might say his career has gone viral ever since. Working in various positions at FitchMeyer Enterprises before rising to chief marketing officer, Sherman was responsible for the health care direct marketing agency’s tremendous growth. The agency received widespread recognition when it made Inc. magazine’s 1991 list of America’s fastest growing businesses.

Having built contact center services for various insurance company clients, Sherman saw the need for outsource services featuring highly specialized and client-dedicated telephonic sales agents for the Medicare Advantage marketplace. In 2007 he founded Bloom. That Bloom was an idea whose time had come was evident by its explosive growth since its opening. Sherman’s leadership has been instrumental in that growth, personally developing Bloom’s “Do No Harm” mission of complete transparency and compliance for Medicare beneficiaries and Bloom clients. Sherman enjoys finding innovative solutions to regulatory and business problems and has instilled a philosophy of delivering ground-breaking sales-automation technology to ensure near and long-term success for Bloom clients.