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Complete Enrollments Anytime, Anywhere

Remote Agent Telephonic Enrollment (RATE) can help you meet your sales goals without face-to-face meetings.

Published August 18, 2020

If we were to say that you can potentially reach more Medicare recipients this AEP than ever before while engaging in fewer face-to-face meetings, what would you think?

If we were to show you a way that remote selling can enhance a member’s enrollment experience, ensure your compliance with Medicare rules, and decrease your disenrollment rate, would you want to learn more? Who wouldn’t?!

Let’s face it, holding successful in-person meetings during the annual seven-week AEP window can be challenging. Between the usual scheduling conflicts, inclement weather, and unexpected illness, delayed and canceled appointments are expected during normal enrollment times.

As we all know, though, 2020 has been anything but normal. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused millions of Americans to rethink how we live our lives, interact with others, and work and play. Phrases like “social distancing” and “herd immunity” have become part of our everyday parlance, and carrying around bottles of hand sanitizer and wearing face masks is commonplace now.

With October just around the corner and no end to the pandemic in sight, it looks like this will be a challenging AEP season. As an agent representing Medicare Advantage plans, you are going to have to be nimble, flexible, and willing to adjust to different situations at a moment’s notice.

The good news is Bloom specializes in providing Medicare field agents with structured innovations that improve efficiency and save you money.

Consider this: During the pandemic, technology has made it possible for millions of Americans to work from home. Bloom has made its reputation on advancing the insurance industry through innovative technology, and we are better prepared for a COVID-19 selling environment than many other agencies.

Even better, we believe that this upcoming AEP season could be a win-win for agents and beneficiaries alike because of our technology. Here are seven reasons why:

  • It eliminates in-person contact.

    Bloom’s Remote Agent Telephonic Enrollment (RATE) tool included within the Ascend Mobile Application (AMA) enables you to contact and securely enroll beneficiaries by phone from the comfort of your home or office. No face-to-face meetings are necessary. The one constant among the fluctuating COVID-19 statistics is the fact that seniors are more vulnerable to the virus and the most likely to develop serious complications or worse. AMA helps eliminate anxiety because in-person contact is not required to present a plan and/or enroll an interested beneficiary. This convenience offers beneficiaries peace of mind, and who wouldn’t appreciate that during these anxious times? Seniors will respect and remember doing business with an agent who has their best interests at heart. For beneficiaries sheltering in place this AEP, the ability to enroll remotely has never been easier.

  • It’s convenient and comprehensive.

    AMA is convenient because it provides everything an agent needs during every step of the sale process. It’s like a Swiss Army knife for Medicare agents! AMA includes real-time leads, video conferencing, access to sale materials and rate sheets, state-of-the-art outreach optimization to existing customers and prospects through multiple platforms, scope of appointment (SOA) documentation, enrollment applications, and much more – all in clearly formatted dashboards and reports for agents and managers. Vivid interfaces are available for seniors who require larger print displays. One app, countless uses.

  • It’s efficient.

    AMA helps improve your efficiency by alerting you to incoming calls and allowing you to block calls while meeting with a beneficiary. Less phone tag with prospects means greater productivity for you. You can also access premiums, benefits, formularies, and provider directories and offer beneficiaries convenient side-by-side comparisons. In addition, you can quote on multiple products and obtain answers from sales managers using the most updated, accurate information available. In short, this innovate application will save you time and money.

  • It turns warm leads hot.

    Anyone who’s been involved in Medicare Advantage sales knows the difference between a lead and a hot lead. RATE offers an innovative lead delivery system through the Ascend platform that allows phone agents to warm transfer callers to field agents at the exact moment the caller agrees to an appointment. Agents signal their availability with a simple on/off toggle switch. Available field agents can then schedule an appointment with a transferred call in real time, complete a digital SOA on the same call, and immediately build rapport with the prospect before meeting for a sales presentation and potential enrollment.

  • It improves lead management.

    Quick and accessible lead management is front and center with AMA. As an agent, you can add and edit leads, delete assigned leads, and receive automated lead information – all in real time. Agents can also view associated SOAs for each lead. If they like, agents can communicate directly with managers regarding questions about leads to ensure all lead information and any additional notes are clearly understood prior to meeting a prospect.

  • It eliminates paperwork.

    Ascend allows you to obtain and file an electronic SOA (eSOA) within minutes, register a meeting’s location, and complete online enrollments securely and seamlessly. No more filing (or misplacing) SOA paperwork, no more playing phone tag as you try to set the meeting time and location. Electronic SOAs are fast, convenient, and reliable.

  • It provides a streamlined and compliant enrollment process.

    Enrollments have never been easier than with AMA. Ascend auto-populates previously captured beneficiary information (eliminating manual entry mistakes), checks different databases for a beneficiary’s eligibility and address verification, and submits applications directly from Bloom’s secure web servers. It also allows agents to record the enrollment process for the protection of both the beneficiary and the agent and ensures an agent’s compliance every step of the way. A concise, enhanced enrollment experience means a satisfied customer, and satisfied customers mean fewer disenrollments! Ascend also tabulates an agent’s enrollments and commissions for the entire enrollment period.

AMA doesn’t just apply cloud-based technology to everyday insurance tasks.

It provides innovative and pragmatic solutions to help create a unique selling proposition that is streamlined, accurate, and compliant with current Medicare guidelines.

The RATE tool is like your own virtual office, and the Ascend Mobile Application is your sales kit that includes everything you need to prospect, sell, and track your enrollment commissions – all without leaving your house.

At Bloom, we’re about providing better experiences for beneficiaries, agents, sales managers, and carriers. Partner with us this AEP, and we’ll make it a win-win-win-win for everyone!

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