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Our call center services feature highly specialized, experienced and dedicated telephonic sales agents. Our turnkey operation and management infrastructure executes so seamlessly, it’s as if we’re part of your organization.

People-Centered Services. Client-Centered Success

Driven by our deep insurance sales experience, we primarily focus on enabling health plans to increase membership and improve the enrollee experience while reducing costs. We seek to constantly innovate through people-centered products and services.


Telephone Sales & Enrollment

With high quality comes high productivity. Our experienced team members receive continuous training and use the most innovative technology to ensure more prospects become members.

Member Onboarding

As regulations change and technology advances, the way we engage members continues to evolve. Our member onboarding processes are at the forefront.

Lead Generation & Distribution

We generate and deliver warm leads in real time, set home visits, and take seminar RSVPs for field teams. Our agents are experts at vetting, prepping and introducing prospects so field agents can close the deal.

Health Risk Assessment

Our Value-Based Enrollment process allows us to collect important health-related information from new members at the time of enrollment.

Annual Wellness Visit Scheduling

By scheduling an Annual Wellness Visit at the point of sale, we engage new members early, increase member satisfaction and improve health outcomes.


When it’s time to expand your agent/broker distribution team, we know what it takes to succeed. Our program allows for coordinated campaigns to eligible agents to get you the distribution you need.

Your Bloom Team

The team we create for our clients includes on-phone representatives and managers as well as a variety of professionals working collaboratively to maximize success.

Bloom’s investment in both people and process is focused on creating an environment that produces the best possible results. We believe in dedicated teams so any agents assigned to your team are yours exclusively. Our agents will form an identity with your offerings and brands so that your message to your prospects is always consistent.


Our investment in both people and processes is focused on creating an environment that produces the best possible results. Whether engaging in sales or customer service campaigns, we strive to provide an excellent engagement experience based on industry best practices.



We focus on compliance so you can focus on seamless enrollment submissions.


We establish and reinforce best practices so you can rest easy knowing you have the most knowledgeable staff possible.

Performance Improvement

We deliver excellence in caller experience through our Performance Program.

Information Technology

Dedicated technology support ensures you get the assistance you need when you need it.

Management & Licensing

Regulated and licensed agent onboarding guarantees you only work with the best.


Bloom’s Value-Based Enrollment (VBE) process allows plans to gather health-related information from the beneficiary immediately after enrollment. Agents initiate the process by connecting the new enrollee to a wellness advocate who facilitates the process of collecting Health Risk Assessment (HRA) data and scheduling an Annual Wellness Visit (AWV). Ultimately, VBE:

  • Improves member engagement
  • Increases care coordination
  • Diminishes the cancellation rate

Interested in our Technology Services?

Bloom’s Ascend™ technology platform focuses on sales automation efficiencies and optimizing the member experience from the first moment a prospect considers a health plan membership.

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