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Bloom offers technology solutions focused on sales automation and improving the member experience from the first moment a prospect considers becoming a health plan member. Ascend is Bloom’s modular technology platform which offers solutions for field agent sales automation and oversight; lead management and distribution; a scope of appointment solution that eliminates the need for paper, and an electronic application solution available for all distribution channels including consumers.

Ascend Mobile Application

The Ascend Mobile Application eliminates costly paper processes with automated ones that all take place on a single device. The mobile application allows agents to:

  • Designate themselves as ‘available’ for purposes of receiving warm transfers from prospects
  • Receive the most up-to-date approved presentation materials from the health plan pushed to their devices which are used on the device during the face-to-face presentation with the beneficiary
  • Receive important messaging from the health plan that may require acknowledgement from the agent before proceeding with their meetings
  • Record the meeting with the beneficiary to ensure compliance during the encounter
  • Register the location of the meeting with the beneficiary
  • Complete and submit an enrollment application should the beneficiary want to enroll

Ascend Quote & Enrollment

The Ascend Quote & Enrollment platform provides both consumers and agents with an easy-to-use enrollment tool that creates a smooth and professional experience based on industry best practices. Agents use the AQ&E to easily handle the discussion of insurance benefits, quote premiums and submit applications directly from our secure web servers – all without consulting a single sheet of paper. Consumers use the platform to compare products, make appropriate personal selections, as well as complete an online enrollment quickly, easily and accurately.

The Ascend Q&E platform consists of three important facets:

  • Plan Selection: Ascend Q&E aids in plan comparisons by offering convenient side-by-side displays and filtering based on selected criteria
  • Quotes: the quote feature is extremely flexible allowing agents to quote on multiple products and quickly respond to a prospect’s needs with the most updated and accurate information available
  • Applications: Ascend Q&E saves time for agents and prospects by auto-populating previously captured information in Ascend within the enrollment application and also checks different databases for eligibility and address verification

Ascend Agent Portal

Agents have access to an Ascend Agent Portal where they can view all of the applications that have been submitted via the Ascend AMA tool and Ascend Q&E. Integration of the portal with health plan commission information as well as application status information is also available.

Ascend Real-Time Manager

Ascend Real-Time Manager is the web-based, administration platform for the Ascend technology which allows the home office to impact and oversee the activities of agents in the field. Highlighted features include:

  • Publishing messages out to an agent or group of agents in a real-time fashion that may, at your choosing, require acknowledgment by the agent in order to continue using the application to transact business
  • Uploading resources (including documents, videos and web links) that are pushed in real-time to the agent’s device to assist in the meeting with the beneficiary
  • Establishing and managing Ascend users within the groups that they are associated with as well as managing the status of their accounts
  • Reports and dashboards that show field agent activity as well as exception reporting to point out those agents who are outliers in key statistical areas
  • Entering and managing seminar information
  • Lead management functionality that allows administrators to provide qualified leads to their field agents

Ascend Real-Time Meetings MAP

Ascend Real-Time Meetings Map is a reporting dashboard equipped with a live map and set of analytical indicators that visually displays how agents are performing in the field currently and over the past eight hours. Real-time vision displays pin drops with the agent’s name, location and meeting duration in real-time. Data is refreshed every 15 seconds, ensuring that relevant and up-to-date information is always displayed including sales which are automatically tabulated once agent meetings are completed. This feature is intended for executives and senior management who wish to view a high-level summary of the state-of-the-business using Ascend.



Our telephonic SOA solution provides a proven, paperless process for a Medicare field agent and beneficiary to complete the scope of appointment within a matter of minutes. During the short implementation process, Bloom will customize the text to speech script as well as set up the toll-free and local number unique to the carrier.